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My favorite place vol.3

A place that welcomes you and shows a different look

My favorite place vol.3 - A place that welcomes you and shows a different look

Gifu Seiryu Satoyama Park is a place where you can take a walk or enjoy a homemade experience in the tranquil scenery of the satoyama. Mr. Okayama, who is in charge of sales, introduced the favorite place this time in a vast site equivalent to 20 Nagoya Domes. Mr. Okayama, who knows the park, chose a quiet corner from a busy street with shops.

Favorite place: Gifu Seiryu Satoyama Park, Shirakawa Tea Factory Okayama Koji (Gif Seiryu Satoyama Park)

A special seat where you can enjoy the seasonal scenery quietly

Mr. Okayama headed to the “Shirakawa Tea Studio”, which has a thatched roof that sits quietly in the right side of the street through the tea gates. Mr. Okayama slowly sat down on a bench placed outside the workshop and murmured.

"When I sit in this place in the morning, my heart is calming down."

Mr. Okayama says that he often goes to various places in the country, including sales work, Nagoya and Osaka. Occasionally, on a working day in the park, it is customary to stop by this place early in the morning before opening and take a break.

“This place has a green tea plantation in front of it and trees behind it. If you look around a little, you can see seasonal flowers blooming in the flower garden, and you can see trees in the mountains that wrap the whole. I like to see the scenery with a lot of space.Look, the sky will be wide.I think this park has a pleasant feeling that is not in the city, every time I sit here. "

Surely, this is a place where various scenery looks like a cocoon. The sky can be felt wide because there is nothing that obstructs the view due to the tea plantation. In addition, a variety of green colors, from vivid greens to greens that are close to yellow, to greens with a bit of astringency, appear to overlap each other, fascinated by the delicate colors of plants.

Although you can see the workshop of the handmade experience and the roof of the store, the voices of the visitors are not heard at all because it is across the field. The only sounds that reach the ears are the screams of insects and the subtle sounds of leaves swaying in the wind. Although it shouldn't be that far from the busy street, it feels quiet and very strange.

“Especially during a busy period, I'm afraid of thinking in this quiet place. Actually, I sometimes come here for a while and take a deep breath. I feel refreshed when I spend time in Japan, and I'm thinking "Let's do our best again!"

Meet the beauty of the moment at any time

This Shirakawa tea workshop and tea plantation welcomes tea farmers in Shirakawa every year during the spring new tea season, and hands-on tea leaf picking and tea making processes are held for general visitors. The place where the workshop is held. This very quiet place is crowded with many people only on that day. It is also the seasonal scenery that Okayama is looking forward to once a year.

“Shirakawa tea is a special product of Gifu Prefecture that is characterized by low astringency and mild sweetness. There are not many opportunities to pick the leaves by hand or experience part of the process of making tea. Every year, a lot of parents and children participate, and the tea leaves that just came out in spring are soft and beautiful in color and have a very good scent. ''

Gifu Seiryu Satoyama Park is unique in that it offers manufacturing and farming experiences. Not only can you enjoy the beauty of the plant with your eyes, but it is also unique here that you can touch it with your hands and learn about traditional processing methods.