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10 reasons I like this

Yoro Park (Part 1) where you can fully enjoy art, sports and nature

10 reasons I like this - Yoro Park (Part 1) where you can fully enjoy art, sports and nature

Yoro Park is a city park in which a small town is entirely a “park”. The site is very large and has a wide variety of facilities, such as a facility where you can fully enjoy art works, a facility where you can enjoy sports, a plaza where children can play safely, and a street where various shops lively. It is also characteristic that there are long-established inns and camping facilities on the site, as well as facilities where you can stay. Here are five good reasons why Yoro Park is a place where you can play with the feeling of traveling.

 You can play in a huge piece of art

Artistic Shusaku Arakawa and poet Madrin Ginz realized the 30-year-old concept of "The Site of Reversible Destiny-Yoro" (paid) is an art work that can be experienced while migrating. Just walking around the ground with lots of bumps and hills is quite exciting.

 You can drop in at various shops

As you go up "YoroKoshizaka" , you will find many souvenirs such as folk crafts, well-cooled drinks, and restaurants where you can enjoy local gourmet food. It is also a good place to be able to spend time while taking breaks in places.

 Healed by the negative ions of Yoro Falls

About 30 minutes on foot from the park parking lot, there is Yoro Falls, which is the stage of the Koshi story that is handed down in this area and has been selected as one of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan. A place where you can enjoy seasonal beauty such as fresh greenery and autumn leaves. Healed by the comfort of negative ions.

 Drink the oldest cider in Japan

Yoro Cider, which started production in Yorocho in 1900, is the first cider in Japan. This is a phantom cider that was once discontinued, but the taste and label were reproduced in 2017 in a form that recreated the time. Experience Japan's oldest taste for a break.

 You can reach by walking from Yoro Station on Yoro Railway

Yoro Park is a nice place to have access by train. If you get off at Yoro Station on the Yoro Railway, you can reach the park entrance in about 10 minutes on foot. When you get off at the home, you will be greeted by cute decorations using the famous gourd.

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