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Here are 10 reasons you like

Located at the gateway to Gifu, with excellent access and a sense of entertainment, Oasis Park (Part 1)

Here are 10 reasons you like - Located at the gateway to Gifu, with excellent access and a sense of entertainment, Oasis Park (Part 1)

The World Freshwater Fish Garden is an entertainment park full of content that can be enjoyed from the aquarium "Aqua Totogifu" to a ferris wheel with a panoramic view of Gifu and a stylish BBQ area that can be enjoyed empty-handed. There are waterways flowing in the garden, rivers flowing around the park, and playground equipment that allows water to flow in the summertime is also attractive, making it a Gifu prefecture rich in water. Because you can enter the park directly from Kawashima PA, access by car is also excellent. First of all, here are five reasons why "World Freshwater Fish Garden" can be enjoyed by adults and children a day.

 Overlook the Gifu city from the Ferris wheel

The Giant Ferris Wheel, which can be said to be the symbol of this park, has a height of 70m above the ground and offers a panoramic view of the cityscape of Gifu in the daytime and a romantic night view at night. It's also nice to be able to ride with a pet that is sized to hold.

 Meet rare creatures

Aqua Totogifu is one of the world's leading freshwater aquariums. In Gifu Prefecture, you can learn about the natural environment and creatures from the headwaters of the Nagara River to the estuary, and meet freshwater fish and creatures from around the world. Feeding and contact events are also being held.

 Can be easily visited by direct connection to the highway

The World Freshwater Fish Garden can be entered directly from Kawashima PA on the Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway, so it is 30 minutes from Gifu City and 60 minutes from Nagoya City. Whether you want to play a lot or just want a refreshing moment, it's nice to be able to come quickly.

 Exhilarating cycling road along the river

The cycling road that surrounds this park along the Kiso River is a place with many secret fans because of its scenic beauty and easy driving. If you pedal while feeling the wind while enjoying the view of the riverside, you can refresh your body and mood clearly.

 Enjoy delicious sweets and gourmet

There are many restaurants that offer delicious food from sweets to sweets, such as Hida beef croquette and Takayama ramen that are typical of Gifu prefecture, soft cream using a lot of seasonal fruits, and crepe of rice cake. It would be nice to have a place where you can take a break if you are tired of playing.

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