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What is this? Gifupa Jin Hundred Views vol.2

Water for rejuvenation that can be easily purchased at a stand-Yoro Park

What is this? Gifupa Jin Hundred Views vol.2 - Water for rejuvenation that can be easily purchased at a stand-Yoro Park

On the way to Yoro Falls, there are several shops selling drinks and food. What kind of products are sold, the product lineup written on the bill. Then, one product you care about ...! Oh, is this a legendary thing?

Legendary water on the drink menu

Speaking of Yoro, Yoro Falls is one of the 100 Best Waters! It is a famous place to worship after visiting. When I walked slowly from the parking lot and worshiped the waterfall and came back, my throat was a bit dry. And there are a few shops just right.

The lineup of drinks, um ... ramune, is good. Nostalgic taste. Waterfall beer, hoho. Persimmon juice is rare. Oh, soft cream. And water for rejuvenation, huh ...?!

Waka, Gaga, Eri, Rino, Mizuzu!?!? (Whisper)
Well, is this okay to sell so openly? Isn't that like phantom water or magic water?!?!
With courage, when you ask, "Oh, that rejuvenating water, one ... please!"
"150 yen!"
(Whisper) Eh, isn't it too cheap for phantom water ...?
"Yes, this is it!"

Yoro water that is legendary

The handed 500ml PET bottle. The label is <Your Rejuvenation Water, Yoro Natural Water, Ryusen Drops>.

Ah! Is it natural water! And that's right!
When the expression of relief leaked out of my sight, the glance met with the clerk who was watching the flow.

"Fufufu. That's right. It's the mineral water of Kikusui Izumi, one of the three most famous waters in Japan. (Laughs.) It contains a lot of calcium ions, and your body is happy. It's delicious."

And the clerk goes on like this. "But there's a reason why we call it rejuvenating water. About 1300 years ago, there was a village called Ryusenji in Yoro, and there was a day when an elderly couple lived there. When I went out to pick wild plants, I fell down, and when I was stuck because I couldn't move, the dragon flew down from the sky and shed tears from her eyes. I was injured and I was able to return home safely, and then a spring was springing out of the place, and the people who drank the water were healthy and could live longer. That's why there is still a legend that the water was called Ryusen no Shizuku. "

So that's it! So the name of this water is "Ryusen no Shizuku"!

"But the legend of Yoro's water isn't over yet. According to Kokon Chomonjyu , according to Emperor Tensho found the beauty spring of Yoro in 716, washing his hands and face and smoothing his skin and pain There is also a legend that the white hair has turned black because of the disappearance of that, by the way, at the Kikusui spring in the precincts of Yoro Shrine, there is an event called “Wakamizutori” every March. Why don't you come home? "

So that's it! Yoro-cho is a place where many legends of water remain. On the way back, when you visit Yoro Shrine, you will discover Kikusui Izumi, which is definitely springing out!

By the way, it is said that the natural water “Ryusen no Shizuku”, which is sold in plastic bottles, has a well-balanced ratio of calcium and magnesium components of about 1: 1 and promotes metabolism. It wasn't magical water that quickly rejuvenated, but in the sense that it was delicious and good for the body, it was no mistake. "Rejuvenating water" was a gem of a retirement with many legends about water.