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My favorite place vol.4

A place where you can meet and refresh with children and seniors in your life

My favorite place vol.4 - A place where you can meet and refresh with children and seniors in your life

Motoki Kasahara, who goes to a university near the park, works part-time on weekends at the rental cycle reception at Gifu Prefectural Park. It is said that his hometown is Motosu City in Gifu Prefecture, and he has often visited the Gifu Prefectural Museum in this park since elementary school. I asked Mr. Kasahara again about his favorite place in this park.

Favorite place: Motoki Kasahara (Rental cycle / cycling course)

Healed by the smiles of children

Mr. Kasahara answered "Here" as his favorite place. It was his office, the rental cycle area.
He says that weekdays have university classes, so part-time jobs are mainly on Saturdays and Sundays, but he said that the time here is fun and it can't be helped.

"I have a lot of parents and children here, and on the weekends, even small children rent a bike here and ride happily while smiling. I'm glad I exchanged words with the child who came on Saturday and Sunday consecutively, saying, "I'm still here!" It's interesting to be able to see the moment when you borrow a bicycle here and ride a bicycle for the first time!

Mr. Kasahara said that she usually rents bicycles, adjusts saddles, and repairs punctures. Staying here all the time during work? When I asked her a simple question, she returned with a smile with a smile saying, "No, I sometimes ride a bicycle."

Although you can see the roofs of the workshops and shops where you can make your own hands-on experience, you can hardly hear the voices of visitors because of the fields.
What reaches your ears is the sound of insects and the faint sounds of leaves swaying in the wind. You're not far from the bustling streets, but you feel quiet and very mysterious.

"Especially when I'm busy, I feel like I'm in a quiet place, I don't think about anything. In fact, I sometimes come here and take a deep breath while I work. I feel refreshed when I spend time there, "I'll do my best again!"

The seasonal scenery at the speed of a bicycle

If you run frequently in the park from day to day, you will surely find your favorite scenery in the cycling course? I asked a question in addition.
"There are many. In the spring you can enjoy the cherry blossoms on the street where the cherry trees are planted, and in the fall you can feel the vividness of the autumn leaves in some places. The children pick up their bags and show them.This park is surrounded by various plants, so you can really feel the change of the four seasons. I also like the fact that I feel a bit more speedy and feel more wind on my skin.

Certainly, the same scenery can be seen differently depending on the speed and eyes. In the case of a bicycle, you must be able to enjoy the changing scenery in speed and feel the comfort of uniting with the wind.
"On the road from the South Gate to the North Gate, it feels like climbing slowly and slowly going down at the end. The downhill is irresistibly comfortable. Conversely, the North Gate Because the south gate is a bit steep uphill at first, if you manage your best, the rest is a gentle downhill, so it's easy.It's interesting because both courses are good. Sometimes I come back to school on my own, cycling and change my mind. I feel totally different from cycling on a regular road! "

Even where there is no part-time job, you want to come here and refresh, so where is the most comfortable park? Mr. Kasahara has been working here for about three years. When asked why he continued, he says, "I enjoy the time I work with."
"Everyone who works with me is much older than me and is a senior in my life. In a little calm time, I talked about my work and interesting experiences I'm grateful for telling me a lot about this. I really like this workplace, so I will continue to work here for another year until I graduate. "