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My favorite place vol.5

A place where you can never understand and always find new discoveries

My favorite place vol.5 - A place where you can never understand and always find new discoveries

Masahiro Araki, a park staffer who has been in public relations for Yoro Park for about two years. What kind of place would he choose as his favorite place in Yoro Park, where the site is vast and the contents are as large as a small town as a park? What we met was the place in Yoro Park where we would best guide you.

Favorite place: Masahiro Araki (Yoro Park)

As you step in, you will be surprised by the vastness and power

I met Araki-san in a huge art work by artists, Shusaku Arakawa and Madrin Ginz, "The Site of Reversible Destiny-Yoro" . Mr. Araki talks from the oval field while looking at the expanding scenery.

"Actually, I came to this place myself after I started working. I came to Yoro Park, but it was hard to come to this place. I was surprised at how big it was, because when I saw it from a distance, I didn't feel that large.I was driven by such an urge to enter and start running in another world. ''

Certainly, when you are heading to Yoro Park by car, you can see that a slightly different `` "The Site of Reversible Destiny-Yoro"  '' appears in the mountains on the way, but you can only understand this depth and power when you enter thing. Then, Mr. Araki goes inside, saying, "Please be careful with your feet!" It seems that there are few flat areas, it is bumpy, undulating like a small mountain, and there is fun to feel from the feet.

"It's really steep, it's very difficult to get there if you get it wrong. There are some places where there's a hole here. It's like entering the world of Indiana Jones. It feels like it's like the movie world, and I like the scenery from here. "

With that said, he climbs up a small mountain and looks comfortably at the distance. "The view from here is pleasant. I can see the view of Nagoya on a nice day. In the spring fresh green season, the trees are lush, the leaves are brown in the fall, and depending on the season, It's also attractive because the scenery that can be seen changes, but you can see that it is such a terrain, so construction vehicles can not be entered, so all the plant management and maintenance is done manually, walking. "

Whatever the trigger, I hope you can feel something here

Shusaku Arakawa and Madrin Gins, who worked on this huge art work, are two of the world's best known in the genre of architecture and art. That is why many people visit this place from abroad. Every time he visits, Mr. Araki says that the faces of various customers he has encountered so far come up.

"There are many backpackers who travel by train from abroad every year. Many of them come back from home and abroad. Staff who have worked longer than me I often hear from you, but at first you came to play with your friends, after a while a couple was born and came on a date, and after a few years, you were married, and This time, there are some wonderful customers who have children and come with their families.We are very happy to talk casually with customers and receive such reports. ''

Looking over the inside of this facility, he seems to be taking fun and unique pictures while using the tilt well and carefully thinking about the shooting angle and appearance. The customer is struggling to take an artistic shot while taking advantage of the tilt and carefully considering the angle and appearance of the shot. Mr. Araki smiles and looks at such a situation.

"After all, there are many people who are doing SNS such as Instagram, so recently I have learned about this unique shooting pleasure and the number of young customers in their teens and 20s has increased. There were a lot of people who came to find this place from the photos and went there, partly because they were used on their jackets. Even with great motives, if you come here and walk through this work of art and enjoy it while feeling various things, I think that's fine.

Finally, are you curious and can you understand anything about ""The Site of Reversible Destiny-Yoro" ?" When asked, "No, it's too deep (laughs)," says Araki.

"There are a lot of tricks here that I can't understand at one time. There are so many unexpected things like" Why this place is here. "So if you walk while looking for it I think that I can take a step closer to the world view of the work.I may not be able to give 100% information on this here, even though I play the role of public relations. We are thinking together while enjoying the artist's worldview. ''