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Small story of the park vol.3

A soft ice cream shop that was open even in the cold midwinter

Small story of the park vol.3 - A soft ice cream shop that was open even in the cold midwinter

There are several food corners in the World Freshwater Fish Garden. Among them, the popular one is "sweet fruit basket" soft serve. It's so popular that it's featured on TV shows, but it's not always open, regardless of the season. Usually, the opening is irregular, especially on weekends from April to September. However, there was a day when it was irregularly open in the winter. When I asked why, there was a warm story of customers and staff.

For the family returning to Gifu during the New Year

“Sweet fruit basket” soft ice cream is popular because it is abundant in variety and all are fresh and delicious. There are many fans from children to adults, and it is easy to access by car, so there are customers who want to eat soft ice cream here and go there.

When I asked Ms. Matsukawa, the manager of such a popular store, what happened in her daily life, she thought after a while and smiled and said, "It is customers who come in winter."

And continue like this.

"It's irregular now, but there are times when it's cold, but it's always warm when you want to eat soft ice cream. There were few days, and there were days when I lost sight of what I was doing (laughs), but I was very happy a few years ago during the New Year! "

She speaks so much and smiles full of memories of those days.

"Until a few years ago, I was opening a shop to delight customers who were on holidays during the New Year holidays. Then I would come here for a New Year holiday and eat soft cream. I have a large family, from my child to my grandpa and grandmother, who seem to be living in Tokyo, and apparently come here while returning to their parents' home on New Year's Day. When the family was there, they said, "The soft serve here is so delicious! It's our annual New Year's holiday!" There are not many people, and I am glad that I came every year, I cried unintentionally (laugh) The following year, from here If you call out, please say, "Did you remember once a year?"


Thank you for not only praising but also giving me severe comments

She was pleased not only to say that he came every year and to tell his that it was “delicious!”, But he also thanked his family for doing another thing. say.

"The family can be seen by about 6 or 7 people, but everyone eats a different taste. So, every time, they evaluate it strictly." It was a fruit with a hard taste! Or "This is interesting!" Or a favorite is a banana and you can get a seal with "This is the best!". Not only praise, but also honest opinion including severe opinion So, at this time, I was working hard on the menu development while thinking that I would like to prepare a new flavor by the New Year! ”At the beginning of the New Year, we met with such a customer It would have been a great time for Ms. Matsukawa to enjoy a conversation for the first time in a year and exchange smiles.

"I'm really looking forward to meeting those customers, and even if it rained or the weather was bad, I was thinking of opening a shop without taking a break during the three days of the New Year! I'm happy to be able to do it! "A group of customers who are coming to the unseasoned New Year as a soft serve. As a store manager, for Ms.Matsukawa, who manages the shop every day, her smile may seem like a message saying, "I worked hard for one year, the new year is going to be a good year." .