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Here are 10 reasons you like

Yoro Park where you can fully enjoy art, sports and nature (part 2)

Here are 10 reasons you like - Yoro Park where you can fully enjoy art, sports and nature (part 2)

Yoro Park is an urban park where one small town is a whole “park”. The site is very large, with a wide variety of contents, including a facility where you can fully enjoy art works, a facility where you can enjoy sports, a square where children can play safely, and a street where various shops are bustling. It is also characteristic that there are long-established inns and camping facilities on the premises, as well as facilities for staying. First of all, here are five reasons why you can enjoy "Yoro Park", where you can enjoy traveling.

Spend a relaxing time on a comfortable riverbank

In Yoro Park on the vast site, a small river flowing from Yoro Falls flows vertically. The sound of the river flowing is comfortable, and just standing there will make your heart feel at ease.

Visit quietly at shrines and temples

The park is dotted with shrines and temples such as Yoro Shrine, Yoro-ji Temple and Yoro Yakushi. By the way, Yoro Shrine benefits from health and longevity, family security, fertility, marriage, and academic achievement. If you visit us as a greeting, you will feel refreshed.

Refresh your body by moving

There are many sports facilities in the park, such as tennis courts and putter golf courses, where you can enjoy your body with friends and family. You can lend all the tools for butter golf, so you can go empty-handed! It is good that you can try it easily!

See beautiful autumn leaves in autumn

In the fall, the trees in the park begin to color vividly. The color of the autumn leaves around Yoro Falls is so dazzling that it is particularly beautiful, with some visitors visiting this area every year. You can fully enjoy the beauty created by nature.

Spend a night in the park

In Yoro Park, there are lodging facilities such as long-established inns and Yoro Camp Center. There are also bungalows in the camp center, so you may want to stay slowly and enjoy the activities and nature in the park.