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My favorite place

A place for everyone's precious memories

My favorite place - A place for everyone's precious memories

Hiroo Ishiguro performs various tasks such as safety management and cleaning so that children can play at Kakamigahara Park with peace of mind. A veteran staff member who has been working here for 15 years. This park is popular as a traffic park, but it has a variety of aspects, such as a rich variety of playground equipment, and a leisurely place on a large lawn area. Among them, what is your favorite place, Ishiguro?

Favorite place: Go-kart course / playground area Hiroaki Ishiguro (Kakamigahara Park)

I want to see children playing seriously

When I asked Mr. Ishiguro about his favorite place in this park, he worried, "Well ..."

"I like the place, or the scene where the children are playing hard," he said.

"Since the playground equipment has been updated, I am glad that more people have come to play with parents and children in the last few years. There was no sandbox here before, but I got a request from those who came to play, Everyone made it. ''

According to Mr. Ishiguro, not only the sandbox, but also the staff who make rolling toys and puzzles for learning traffic rules are handmade by the staff. "I guess it was about three years ago that I made the acorn playground equipment. When I went to see the autumn leaves on my holiday, I saw a child rolling and playing with an acorn. That's why I made it.

Acorns are round and easy to roll, but they are frozen so that insects do not come out, then dried in salt water, coated with wax, and actually take time and effort. is. The puzzles are handmade to help children learn the traffic rules in a fun way. I'm glad to see you're working hard. ''

The unique feature is that you can learn traffic rules through fun activities such as go-kart. Mr. Ishiguro also teaches children various things related to traffic, such as how to drive on the road and how to read signals.

"I try to make teaching as fun and understandable as possible. But sometimes, I understand that I don't follow the rules and I don't follow them. Lol)"

To remain an important place for everyone

Ishiguro's mobile phone has a pedometer function. When I work in the park, when I ask how much I walk a day, I immediately answer, "I have 10,000 steps!" Even on this day, it is already 5900 steps in the morning, so you can see how Ishiguro is walking in the park and doing various duties.

"First of all, when I come to work in the morning, I go around the park. I'm not walking, but when the children play and the elderly walk, I pick up dangerous dead branches and there are no fallen trees. I also care for the plants in the park, but for the wisteria trellis at the lawn square, I climb up on a ladder every year to take care of it. That kind of thought makes me loving, and during the break, I just look at such plants and relax with a lot of memories. "

Mr. Ishiguro is familiar with the plants in the park, including the plants and trees that bloom in the four seasons. It is also for communication with customers.

"Because the customer sometimes asks me about plants, I remember with the help of all the staff so that I could answer. It can be difficult to memorize the name (laughs), but if you look up or read a book It's interesting to study, and sometimes the customer can tell me in detail, but that kind of communication is also fun. By the way, here are five or six kinds of cherry blossoms such as Yoshino cherry tree and Yamazakura in spring. It blooms beautifully, and in the fall it's beautiful with maples, autumn leaves, metasequoia, and goby.

After slowly guiding the park, "I think there is something I want to show," says Ishiguro. He took out the files stored in the office and showed them. "This is a letter of thanks to the children who came here for their work experience. When a child who has been playing here since childhood came here for a work experience, I am happy to feel the growth This letter is also very carefully written, and I'm surprised. "

Ms. Ishiguro continues as he looks at the letter and lowers the corner of the eyes. "For children playing here, this park is a place of memories. It is an important place for various people, so I want to keep this park clean and a place where I can play safely I want to be as well-managed as I can. If you imagine their faces playing hard, you'll be excited about cleaning! "