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Small story of the park vol.4

9:15 pm

Small story of the park vol.4 - 9:15 pm

Gifu Seiryu Satoyama Park is visited by people of various purposes every day, such as those who come and play with parents and children, people who go to enjoy exhibits and events held in the park, and people who enjoy walking while enjoying seasonal plants. You. Meanwhile, there seems to be regulars who come every morning without fail. It is also a pair. What kind of people are they?

Enjoy the same route every morning at the same time

9:15 in the morning. At this time, there is a regular who comes regularly. Mr. Nakamura has been working in this park for about 12 years.

"I guess how old you are, I'm in the mid 70's, but two male customers come every morning. They wear umbrellas on sunny days as well as on rainy days. It seems like I'm slowly walking around 3km here. "

Apparently, the pair have their morning walk here on a daily basis. Although it is more undulating than a so-called park, it is easier to walk because it is not as hard as a mountain path, and there are some buildings that are nostalgic for the satoyama scenery and Showa generation, so you may be able to walk without getting tired.

"Once you enter through the gate, the gentle uphill will continue for a while, so I think that it was difficult at first even if you said 3 km, but recently your body got used to it, I'm walking with Sassassassa to see if my daily exercise has helped me. ''

It is easy to walk on the ground, and it is safe because ordinary cars do not pass. I'm also happy that the air is delicious surrounded by nature. And the leaves are soothing, and the sounds of insects, birds and frogs can be heard from here and there. Since the colors of the seasons change every moment, it may be the reason why you can have a pleasant walk because you can see the same scenery every day and see different things every day.

Quietly pray that you want to get along well

The regulars of the two groups seem to be familiar with the staff because they only visit every day, even if they call the award for full-time work.

"In the morning, I work and guide around in the field, but when they walk, they wave and say hello. I'm glad I can communicate that easily Yeah, sometimes I'm alone, so I say, "Are you alone today?"

Even if he meets every day, "I don't really know the name," says Nakamura.

"I know my face, so I speak and greet naturally, but I don't hear each other's names. Still, it's a relationship that makes me smile. It's a park-like relationship. Not at all. "

I don't know any names or circumstances. Still, they seem to be sensitive to changes in the pair because they meet each other at the same time every day.

"It's obvious that you're close when you look at them. But there are days when you're walking silently without talking, and when you're chatting happily. If you talk a lot and your expression is bright, I think I'm in good shape today. I'm glad I'm good. "

Neither friends nor family. Just exchange greetings every morning. I'm glad if the other person looks good, and I'm a little worried otherwise. There seems to be an exquisite and moderately warm feeling between the two regulars and the park staff.

"Is it this morning? Of course, we came together exactly at 9:15. I want to! "