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Shallow white object-world freshwater fish garden-

what - Shallow white object-world freshwater fish garden-

When you enter the park site from the first gate closest to the aquarium "Aqua Totogifu", you will see a white rod in the distance after passing the ferris wheel. Something seems to be wound around in a spiral around. What is that?

A white rod comes in sight behind the aquarium

Ask the park staff's Satoshi Shinoda immediately, "Please take a look at the ferris wheel!" And advice. Looking at the top of the ferris wheel, do you find any hints?

Shallow white object-world freshwater fish garden-1

When I got on the ferris wheel and reached a high position, Mr. Shinoda said, "A white object I saw earlier, something that looks like something from a high point?" When you get on the ferris wheel, the white objects stand out in the surrounding nature, and it feels like a candle standing on a birthday cake.

A solid white object standing around the world ~ world freshwater fish garden ~ 2

The white object is an object named "Oasis Candle" and a public offering. It will be lighted up when the sun goes down and it is very beautiful. The Oasis Candle is Japan's first environment in 1999 A monument of light created on the theme of sharing with nature when this world freshwater fish garden is born as a coexistence park zone.The design is Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Gate Bridge, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, Eiffel Tower in Paris This is due to lighting designer Mikiko Ishii who has been active not only in Japan but also overseas. This monument has been awarded the International Lighting Design Award of the North American Institute of Lighting in 2000. "

Another expression you can see as you get closer

When you get off the ferris wheel, "Can you see the spiral thing around the white object?" Certainly, we can see that something is spirally wound. I walked on and approached ... Is this a fish?

White object that stands in a sleek-world freshwater fish garden-3

"The spirals are visible as they are lined with Gifu prefectural fish scales. The 99 fish which are the same as the number of municipalities in Gifu prefecture at the time the monument of this light was made, go up to the sky It looks like it's going to look like you can see it with your naked eye as you get closer, but if you like, please take a peek through it and see it. "

A white rod-like object is a monument that emits a sense of presence in nature during the day and fantastically glows at night. When I stand up to the sky and watch a boat that swims to the sky strongly, I feel somewhat positive.
It was an interesting discovery this time that when I got on the ferris wheel and changed the point of view, I could see the scenery that could not be seen just by walking and noticed a new expression as I got closer. Please look at the oasis candle that shows various expressions depending on time and season.