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My favorite place vol.7

A place where you can't understand forever and discover new things whenever you come

My favorite place vol.7 - A place where you can't understand forever and discover new things whenever you come

Gifu Prefecture Centennial Park is a place where you can see the expression of the seasons of nature such as trees and plants. In spring, various plants bloom brilliantly, new shoots emerge, and fresh greenery wraps the park. And in autumn, the leaves are colored and show a different expression. Sachiko Shoji, a staff member of this park, was one of the people who was fascinated by the beauty of such plants as a result of working here.

Loved places: Sachiko Shoji (Gifu Prefecture Centennial Park)

Inspired by curiosity, turn over the botanical picture book

Sachiko Shoji, who has been working in this park for about 10 years, spoke with us this time. On that day, when I visited the reception desk of Dog Run and Grand Golf, where she was in charge, there were many small white flowers in the vicinity.

"This flower is cute. It looks like a lily of the valley. I think it's a dwarf azalea. Yeah ... According to this book ... you see this."

Say that and you will get a pocket-sized botanical picture book. You can see that notes are written on the page, the corners of the page are folded, and plants are usually examined.

"I wonder what I'm doing, I look it up in a book like this. I don't have any knowledge. I'll write it down a little in my notebook, but I'll forget it immediately (laughs). But if I feel like it again, I'll check it out. ! "

Shoji has the impression that he likes plants and is keen on studying. I wondered if I had liked plants for a long time, but I wasn't so interested about 5 years ago.

"I've been in charge of tennis courts and parking lots for about 5 years since I started working, so I didn't move from the area near the entrance. But after about 6 years, I was in charge of renting bicycles, running dogs, playing in the park. I have had more opportunities to move to the back. If you do so, you will see various plants while you are moving. It's fun to see such things because the expression is different depending on the season! " When asked about the plants and time, Mr. Shoji who knows all about the plants in the park. Recommendations come out one after another.

"I'm looking forward to the Cosia bra coming out in April. In the early summer, after all, Iris and hydrangea. After that, I'm looking forward to the Yamayuri on the right side where I went up from the museum. You can see Metasequoia in front of the office, Momijibahu near the tennis court, Yababoshi that blooms near the office, and the handkerchief tree near the viewing pond! No! "

The center of pleasant chatting is seasonal plants

When asked about your favorite time, Mr. Shoji says, "Is it around April?"

"Various buds come out, flowers come out, and spring makes me happy. A good wind. When the wind blows, the leaves sway, which makes me feel good." The soft wind makes Shoji's heart dance.

I asked a simple question, "Is your work fun?" And immediately answered, "It's fun!

"I've made many acquaintances, so when I meet, I exchange greetings and chat. I also have people who know about plants so I can exchange information. I am good friends with all the staff working together. It's also fun to chat with me.Then, there are times when I'm asked to know the best time to see how the flowers bloom. There are also things. ''

Finally, when I asked again about the charm of this park, such an answer came back. "Well, I wonder if there is a cycling course. I don't travel much by bicycle, but I think it's very pleasant and fun to run on a cycling course while enjoying the surrounding plants. There are lots of pretty yellow flowers along the cycling course in this season, and it's very beautiful. The wind sways and it feels so cute. Please come and see it! ”

When I went to the cycling course, as I told you, the pretty yellow flowers were shaking in the wind. I also felt that Mr. Shoji was looking at this flower with a smile and a gentle expression.