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Playground equipment guide vol.4

"Athletic playground equipment" that you can enjoy by facing your body

Playground equipment guide vol.4 - "Athletic playground equipment" that you can enjoy by facing your body

Introducing "athletic play equipment", which is simple but has a total challenge. Even though the playground equipment itself is simple, it should be a good opportunity to challenge things that you cannot do by facing your body while playing, climbing slopes and balancing. Introducing athletic playground equipment that is fun to play alone or with friends.

Pop athletic that makes you feel like the main character of the game

Yoro Park

Athletic with a cute pop color design. However, since the contents are substantial, it is a good amount of exercise. If you aim at the goal while challenging each attraction, you may feel like the main character of the game!

Long-distance athletics to enjoy attractions on the course

Yoro Park

A long-distance type athletic course that advances ahead while clearing the attractions prepared at regular intervals on the premises. The sense of accomplishment should be great because of the distance. You can challenge the record alone or compete with your friends!

A medium-distance athletic line that runs through with all your strength

Kakamigahara Park

An athletic on a medium-distance course with a number of attractions arranged in a straight line. Each one is simple, but you can challenge yourself by using your whole body, so even one goal should be quite rewarding!

An athletic that slowly challenges in nature

Gifu Prefecture Centennial Park

Athletics that can be enjoyed in the comfort of nature have just been renewed in 2019. Enjoy each of the dynamic attractions that are arranged on the long and narrow site in detail.

The athletic play equipment introduced this time has the advantage that you can enjoy a number of attractions in one stream. Each one is simple, but only deep ones can be cleared by sharpening the sense of balance with the whole body. And because it is simple, it may create an adventure story depending on the sensitivity of the children. Please experience athletics where you can enjoy both the fun of exercising and the fun of clearing.