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My favorite place

A place where you can make your customers smile with your favorite BBQ

My favorite place - A place where you can make your customers smile with your favorite BBQ

The World Freshwater Fish Garden is not only a place where you can spend a pleasant time in nature, but it is also attractive that it is filled with fun entertainment elements such as the aquarium and ferris wheel. This time, I met Mr. Kazuki Noritake, a staff member, who listens to the story, at his place, “BBQ CANVAS”. When I stopped, there was Noritake-san watching the customers enjoying the BBQ lively.

Favorite place: BBQ CANVAS
Noritake Kazuki (World Freshwater Fish Garden)

The reason was that the time I spent here was the most enjoyable

The BBQ area "BBQ CANVAS" is located in the corner of the World Freshwater Fish Garden. As you pass through the colorful and pretty gates, tents line up in a row, and you can hear the happy voices of everyone enjoying BBQ with their families and friends in groups. I found Mr. Noritake walking around the area while watching the situation with a smile.

“It looks like fun!” He said, “Yeah, everyone seems to have fun, so it makes me want to mix! (Laughs),” says Noritake.

The favorite place he chose was exactly this place I met. This is where his work takes place. If you imagine it's your favorite place because you work, the opposite is true. You started working because you liked it.

“Originally, I've been here a few times as a customer, and I was invited to participate in a marriage event organized by this place. It's incredibly fun! A place for such fun projects! That was the reason why I decided to work here, and unfortunately no love was born at that event, but I made many friends! I met him properly! "

Mr. Noritake challenged the recruitment test to work here, but in fact, he was not hired once. One of the reasons for this was that I had no experience in the hospitality business, so I made a quick start. He says he worked for a short time at an inn in Ishikawa prefecture to gain experience in the hospitality business.

“I've always wanted to work at the World Freshwater Fish Garden, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to gain experience in the hospitality business, so I decided to take on the challenge of working at an inn. Around this time, the person in charge of recruitment here contacted me and asked, "Why don't you work?"

I like to be pleased so I can enjoy any job

Originally, Noritake-san has a hobby of doing BBQ even in private. Certainly, if you see a customer who looks happy, you'll want to do it together.

"In my private life, I buy my own food, bring in the equipment, and invite my friends to do it. I'm completely dedicated to hosting. But I'm happy if my friends enjoy it or make me happy. Because of this nature, I think I'm enjoying the work here as well. "

What do you like about your work here? I asked such a simple question. “Up until now, there was a lot of work behind the scenes, so I'm glad that I could feel the reaction of the customers up close. I made a dring booth during the busy season and was in charge of it. A little bar in the BBQ area. It was like, chatting with a tipsy customer, asking what kind of drink I want to make and making it, it was fun. The work should be plain and difficult. Still, it seems that Noritake-san has no choice but to enjoy his work. I love to be pleased. For him, working in this place may be a vocation.

By the way, since he started working here, Mr. Noritake has also acquired the qualification of a “barbecue instructor” who masters how to cook delicious food ingredients and how to adjust the heat. We asked Noritake-san about the recommended ingredients and how to bake them. "In the course, it's 400g of rib loin that you can dynamically bake and everyone can eat. I will teach you how to bake, so anyone can eat deliciously without failure. After that, you can ask the course You can bring your own food, so please bring some peppers. Lightly apply olive oil before baking, and bake as it is without cutting. Eat hot when the whole brown color. You can eat it. You can experience the delicious taste that is different from cooking!