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My favorite place

A place to take a deep breath while feeling the changes of the four seasons

My favorite place - A place to take a deep breath while feeling the changes of the four seasons

Gifu Seiryu Satoyama Park is a place where you can feel the vividness of the four seasons. The height difference on the premises is also a good point to feel the beauty of this season. This time, we will meet at the gate of the park with Masako Oguri, the staff who will listen to the story. Walk together to where she likes. Where on earth will you take me?

Loved place: Masako Oguri in front of Sugoroku School (Gifu Seiryu Satoyama Park) (World Freshwater Fish Garden)

Refreshing when you're tired is on a hill that feels the season

As soon as we met in front of the gate, Mr. Oguri said, "Is it a bit walkable? Walk slowly uphill. Even if the editorial staff is a little short of breath, "I often walk about 30,000 steps on a lot of days during work. Do you average 10,000 steps?", Oguri smiled. A generous expression.

About 10 minutes from the gate, I climbed the slope and stopped at the old wooden school building "Sugoroku Gakuen" where I exhibited and turned around, turning my body toward the gate and saying "I like this place. Oguri says. It was a hill with a panoramic view of the park, and it was a place where I could feel that I had climbed a lot.

"When I'm a little tired or when I'm restless, I feel relieved when I come here. You can take a deep breath to refresh yourself. Also, cherry blossoms in spring, sunflowers in summer, and autumn leaves in autumn are beautiful. However, the snow scene in winter is fantastic.

I especially like the fresh green season. The soft breeze and the fluffy, moderate warmth are so comfortable that you will want to relax here. I like the feeling around 15:00. The sunlight that started to tilt a little to the west shined on the plants and made them glitter.

Certainly, when you are standing in this place, you can hear the sounds of birds and insects, see the leaves and plants sway in the wind, and feel like staying here forever.

It's strange because I'm on a hill, and I feel like I'm flying a little because my body is lighter.

If you gaze at your feet, you can meet a "treasure"

"This is a place where I feel like treasure hunting for me. If you look closely at this area, you will find dead leaves, tree nuts, and pine cones that are beautifully shaped. The persimmon trees around here are also very colorful and the fallen leaves are beautiful," says Oguri. Why collect fallen leaves and nuts?

``About 12 times a year, we have a workshop of dead leaves art that makes three-dimensional objects using such fallen leaves, tree nuts, and falling tree branches at the hydrangea craft museum in the park, and a workshop for making Christmas wreath in winter. I hold it and teach it to everyone.It's fun when I walk in this park, I can think of various things I want to make. It is also fun at the workshop. We'll come here together and pick up some ingredients.''

If you ask, Oguri-san's previous job was a piano teacher. When I hear that, it makes sense to teach at a workshop. But why did you come to work in the park?

"Until my late 40s, I was also a band member while teaching the piano. When I was writing songs, I wanted to expand my imagination when I visited a park. While doing so, I often went to the park. I was interested in my job as well.Besides the profession that I used to have, I had the desire to do what I liked, so I took the plunge in the work in the park. I decided to get a job. I changed jobs about 17 years ago, but I really like my job now!"

Mr. Oguri is currently in charge of event planning. It seems that they are doing everything related to the event, from booking live music and puppet shows at Donguri Square and Showa-za to the day's operation.

"I love music, so I enjoy the work of stage planning. For music events, we have a wide range of projects such as classical, jazz, rock, and Japanese drum. We also have puppet theater and Chiryu City that children can enjoy. I also do Ningyo Joruri. What I cherish is to make it fun for the three generations of parents and children. It's reassuring that everyone is enjoying it, I feel relieved and I am very happy.”