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My favorite place

A place where you can heal and switch to the sound and flow of water

My favorite place - A place where you can heal and switch to the sound and flow of water

Yoro Park has a very large site even if it is called a "park," and there are many activities, shops, shrines and temples, and accommodation facilities inside. It is no exaggeration to say that the park is a small town. Mr. Tabata, who will be appearing this time, is a genuine elderly child born and raised in the immediate vicinity of Yoro Park, although it is slightly outside the park area. What kind of place does he choose as his favorite place, because the park was also a familiar place?

Loved place: Ryo Uedabata (Yoro Park), the autumn leaves bridge heading to Yoro Falls

When you stop, you can see the colors, sounds, lights, and shadows

Mr. Tabata began to walk silently, just saying, "It's in Yoro no Taki." Yoro-no-taki, not Yoro-no-taki...? What on earth……?

As he kept up his expectations, he stopped, "Here," on the Autumn Leaves Bridge, just before reaching Yoro-no-taki.

It is a place where the vivid fresh green covers the overhead like a tarp, and the river flows under the bridge. In the sound of flowing water and the sound of swaying leaves, I feel strange and quiet, and I want to take a deep breath in the comfort of being surrounded by nature.

"Here, the river is just wide and the flow of water is magnificent. There is a feeling that the sound and the picture of the flow are so powerful that the feeling suddenly switches. It's spring and early summer. Especially the fresh green is beautiful, the sunlight can be seen through the trees and the sunlight is also very beautiful.In the summer, you can feel cool just by standing here."

This is a place where no one has stopped so much, probably because it is on the way to Yoro no Taki. Mr. Tabata himself says he never stopped until he started working here.

"I didn't know how good it was until I started working. Until then, I had some experience when I was aiming for Yoro-no-taki. When I stopped for a moment, such a beautiful scenery spreads before my eyes. I didn't know that before.''

At first, I was overwhelmed by the pictures showing the vivid green of the trees and the violent flow of water, but when the eyes get used to it, there are leaves of various shapes and colors, and in addition to trees, various plants. You can see that they are growing everywhere. "I don't have it yet, but in the spring, a plant called Urashima grass grows around here. It seems that it was named because Taro Urashima resembles hanging a fishing line. Is unique and I like it.''

I loved this town I grew up with

Mr. Tabata, who is familiar with such plants, seems to have learned so much after working in this park.

"My current job is to walk down all the roads in Yoro Park, pick up falling branches and debris, and cut overgrown branches. Arrange for logging if there are dead trees. I've been working since I was 18 and it's been 6 years this year, but I didn't know anything about plants until I worked here, so I learned from my boss. I often don't understand it on the desk alone, so I learned by walking with my own feet and seeing it with my own eyes. It's interesting that you can see the charms of course.Of course, even if you just saw it as beautiful, there are times when you want to cut the branches a little more, or you are worried about the small details. But lol"

Since I am walking around the park every day, I often hear from visitors. “When I'm walking, I'm sometimes asked about plants and when do I know when the autumn leaves are so beautiful? I often don't know, but I know that I'm trying to explain to you, and it's one of my favorite things about this job to be able to communicate in this way.

When we walked back from Momijibashi to the shops lined up, in front of Yoshida Shoten, which sells souvenirs, there was a friendly call to Mr. Tabata, "Oh, Ryo-kun!" “I was born and raised about 10 minutes from here. I am completely local. So I am familiar with this park, and those who work are familiar with my childhood. Yoshida Shoten is one of those people. It's still an extension of that, but I think I'm raised in this land."

Mr. Tabata who has been working at Yoro Park since the age of 18. Working in a familiar place where I was born and raised may be quite unusual. Somehow I got interested and asked a simple question, "Why did you want to work here?"

"I felt like I raised my hands when I knew that I was looking for someone raised in Yoro-cho. I didn't originally want to work in the park, but when I was involved, It's springing up and I want to convey the goodness to it, and I'm more than happy to like the place called endowment, and I'm happy, so I decided to work here... Is it something like fate? (laughs)