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Little things in the park

Soft and fun people who support the park

Little things in the park - Soft and fun people who support the park

At Hana Festa Memorial Park, various colorful flowers, mainly roses, bloom all over the vast site, and even just walking slowly in the park will make your heart gorgeous. It wasn't just the staff who worked as employees who maintained this park in such a beautiful place.

The pleasant atmosphere is transmitted to customers

When Hibino, a staff member who has been working for many years as a staff member, guides me through the park, I asked a simple question, "Do you become familiar with roses when you work?" I love it, and I'm looking forward to it blooming every year, but the volunteers are more knowledgeable in terms of knowledge!

"About 70 people have registered as volunteer staff in this park. Since around 2014, I have been in charge of it, and decided shifts and arrangements according to the desired date, and took care of the volunteer staff. People who like to talk to us are invited to visit us, and people who like roses and are familiar with plants explain roses, and they are not good at talking. However, if you want to make it a clean park with no litter, you can do some cleaning activities in the park.
We are thinking about the layout, etc., so that people can enjoy their activities and experience various things without getting tired while considering what they like and their areas of expertise. "

"I would like volunteers to do their activities as much as possible. I think that the fun will surely be transmitted to the customers. We staff members have to do hard things by all means. It's not just fun, but I think that the volunteer staff's soft response, delicate attention, feelings of love, and happy smiles to their customers make up for the soft parts that we cannot do. is"

A warm relationship of trust that has been carefully built

“Ah, right now, a volunteer staff member has been active for the past five years. I'd like to introduce you, so please wait a minute!” says Hibino. And with a smile on his face, Koga said that he has been helping here since he became a volunteer staff at an event in 2015 in the prefecture. "Today, I'm supporting the bus getting on and off and guiding the guests from 11:30 to 14:00. I love flowers too. It's a great exercise in such a large park, so I enjoy it every time I love to see flowers, but I can't remember their names (laughs).I know some of my volunteer colleagues are familiar with it, so I might ask them. Well, yes, I'm happy to work here and make friends! It's a lot of fun!"

Hibino-san and Koga-san are talking to each other and smiling and smiling. I felt the warm trusting relationship between the staff and volunteers in the look of the two like friends and mothers who are close to each other, like a little old friends.

"Many of the volunteers are elderly people, so I'm happy to see you all lively and energetic. I've been feeling ill during the last few years. There are some people who have quit and died, but if you pass in front of that person's favorite rose, I always remember that person. Sometimes I notice the charm of roses."