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My favorite place

A place where the wind can comfortably overlook the distance

My favorite place - A place where the wind can comfortably overlook the distance

Kakamigahara Park is a park where you can learn traffic rules while playing go-karts. Children are full on weekends and summer holidays, but during the daytime on weekdays, small preschoolers practice riding tricycles and training bicycles. There is a calm air that is different from holidays. This time, Mr. Konishi who has been watching the growth of such children and the various expressions of the park will introduce you to your favorite places. Even though I was a little shy of the sudden interview, he invited me to a special place.

Favorite place: Mr. Shinzakami Konishi (Kakamigahara Park)

At the top of the observatory after climbing the stairs, there is a little different air flow than where the go-kart course is located. The wind blows comfortably, and the chirping of the birds reaches your ears comfortably like music.

Mr. Konishi slowly looked back and pointed far away and told me this.

"It feels good here. When I started working here, I could see the city over there. There would be a tree over there. It's been 5 years since I started to grow and see the scenery. It's changed a little bit. 10 minutes from here, if you walk further on the outer circumference, you can go a little higher, so you can look down on the city!"

My favorite work that I can walk a lot and stay sweaty and healthy

Mr. Konishi's usual work is walking on the mountain path in the park, reporting on the situation, checking the usage amount by looking at the water tank, routinely caring for plants, cleaning the garden, riding a go-kart. It covers a wide variety of areas, including the safety management of children who have come.

"I often walk in this work. At least 10,000 steps a day, and 15,000 steps a day. It's a good exercise just to walk, but I have the opportunity to blow leaves with a blow. And then there's vibration, and I'm sweating quickly.Thus, I was able to completely improve what I wasn't feeling good before. It's good for my health! I don't think there is such a healthy and good job.''

How many is it to Mr. Konishi? When asked, "I'm 78, I look younger! I'll be 80 soon!"

It's said to be a good way to walk up the stairs to the observatory, and it's too lively to be old! I was surprised at how young you are! All the editorial departments are doing well!