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what's this? Gifpa rare 100 views

An alien while sticking out from the ground !?

what's this? Gifpa rare 100 views - An alien while sticking out from the ground !?

Let's cycle around Gifu 100 Years Park! When I stopped by the South Cycle reception desk, he said, "There is something interesting near the ornamental pond, so why don't you go see it? The hint is from the ground!" I decided to run my bicycle immediately.

A mysterious protrusion that pops out of the soil

I guess something is coming out with just the keyword "Nyoki Nyoki from the ground", but what the heck is coming out ... The mystery just deepens. It's just a matter of telling me, so it's probably not a common way of growing plants ... With that in mind, when I get off my bicycle near the ornamental pond and look around ... this is!

Certainly, a mysterious object that sticks out from the ground. The texture is "wood", but something is different between goon and growing wood. The impression is that it is popping up relatively close to a large tree. What the hell is this ... A park staff member passed by at the right place, so I called out to him. "Excuse me! What is this?"

"This is called Kikon. It's also called respiration root. There must be that big tree. It's a tree called Bald cypress that grows in humid places. Because it is easy to run out of oxygen, the roots are put out on the ground in order to take in oxygen in the air. I wonder what this is (laughs). "

Feel the line of sight while you're crying

I see, the root for breathing! I thought that the one that took in water was the root, but I didn't know that there was a root that appeared to take in oxygen! When I was looking at the spirit while thinking that it was interesting, I felt something ...!

e! Maybe ... the alien who appeared in that movie's masterpiece? Is it some fate to get here by bicycle? (Please play the theme song of that masterpiece in your brain!)
Even in Gifu Prefectural Hyakunen Park, which is full of nature, if you look at it from macro to micro, you will be able to discover the wonders of plants and discover interesting things!